Precision irrigation management system for
permanent crop farmers in emerging markets
Increase yield by up to 30%
Decrease water usage by up to 40%
Grow healthier crops and save water at the same time
What makes SoilSense unique?
We focus on permanent crop farmers in emerging markets and empower them in their journey towards data-driven agriculture
Affordable System
Sensor system developed specifically for emerging markets provides the quality of more expensive solutions at an unprecedented price point
Actionable Insights
Actionable insights delivered directly to your phone. Are you over-irrigating and wasting water or is the soil too dry? Take the guesswork out of irrigation management
Permanent Crops
Wireless system optimized for dense tree groves, and advanced power-saving technology that reduces maintenance effort and maximizes generated value
"We experienced a 30% increase in yield by implementing sensor-based irrigation systems"
Daniel Campos, Senior Technician
"We experienced a 30% increase in yield by implementing sensor-based irrigation systems"
Daniel Campos, Senior Technician
Our product
We offer soil moisture sensors together with an
easy-to-use software platform and a notification system
Affordable hardware
Only the most essential features included in order to cut the hardware cost of the system
Tailored solution
We have built the system in a close collaboration with farmers and agricultural managers
Long range
LORA wireless technology to ensure unprecedented range even in dense tree grooves
Simple Interface
We are constantly working on making our software platform simple and providing actionable insights rather than pure data
Low energy consumption
Sensors optimized to run for years on batteries to account for a dense tree cover which does not allow for solar-powered nodes
Real-time insights
24/7 soil moisture monitoring to improve irrigation
We are working with farmers, agricultural organisations, universities, funds and corporate partners that are interested in saving water and optimizing the food-chain for small and medium-sized farmers
We help farmers grow their business, meanwhile making sure that we protect the scarce water resources and make agriculture more sustainable for the benefit of our planet
Zero Hunger
We help improve the food production system and make it more sustainable and resilient to produce more food with less impact on the environment
Clean Water
70% of the worlds fresh-water is used for irrigation in agriculture. We help decrease water usage making sure that world's scarce water resources are enough for the growing population
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