Soil moisture sensors in greenhouses

Greenhouse plantations are especially sensitive to overwatering. With a soil moisture sensor system you can finally strike the perfect balance between always providing enough water while not risking overwatering.

Should you apply soil moisture sensors in a greenhouse?

A modern greenhouse without soil moisture sensors is like a car without a dashboard. Stop the guesswork today and start using data to always provide your plants with enough water to increase yield while limiting the risk of overirrigation and flushing out nutrients to minimum.
Choose anything from 1 to 4 depths per device and place the sensors in any vertical and horizontal arrangements. Easily adjust the depths to cover the bottom of the root zone in order to avoid flushing out nutrients.
We've spent 2 years optimizing our system for excellent wireless transmission thus being able to cover large areas (sometimes up to even 4 greenhouses at once) with one gateway making us more independent to variations in GSM coverage.
High, the adjustable temporal resolution allows you to track many irrigations per day without a problem. With a salinity (EC) measurement and our automated plant available water algorithm you'll never waste money on excessive fertilizer again.
Is SoilSense suitable for greenhouses?
Many greenhouses have happily added our soil moisture sensors to their smart sensor systems already. What are some specific benefits of using SoilSense in a greenhouse?
Optimized for transmission in difficult environment
Our star architecture (dataloggers + gateway) was optimized and tested within dense tree plantations and around building and provides the best-on-the-market range
Register every irrigation
With adjustable measurement frequency, you'll be able to register every irrigation event even if you irrigate many times during one day
Saving water and nutrients
With volumetric water content measurements you easily avoid overirrigation and washing out nutrients from the soil
Ultimate placement freedom during installation
We don't enforce the sensor arrangement. Place exactly as many you need in any arrangement (vertical / horizontal) and depths you'd like them in
Automatic calibration for all greenhouse crops
Our algorithms automatically detect field capacity regardless of the medium and require little or no input from you providing you with crop-specific insights in real-time
Minimal maintanance after installation
Our sensors can be left in the soil for 10 years, and the replaceable AA batteries in the datalogger lasts for 2 years.
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