Make the smartest irrigation decisions with SoilSense
Our wireless soil moisture sensor system gives you accurate data and clear insights into how much water your crops need – increase yield and quality and save water.
Increase yield and quality
Increase your yield by up to 25% and achieve higher quality by irrigating according to your specific crops.
Save water with precision irrigation
Save up to 45% water by following the recommendations given by our algorithm.
Save time and resources
Our system is easy to set up, requires no maintenance and calibrates to your soil type automatically.
Introducing our
new datalogger

Provides a strong signal and reliable wireless data transfer
– without the external gateway.
Reliable wireless connection
Supports the strongest IoT network – gateway-free. Soil data is analyzed using AI and visualized in real-time.
Easy setup and relocation
Designed to be easy to install in the soil and relocate as your needs change.
Robust and solar-powered
Our new datalogger is solar-powered and can withstand all weather conditions. Optimized to run year-round, maintenance-free.

Clear insights on
any device

Our algorithm automatically analyzes the soil data and gives an instant overview of the soil's plant-available water 24/7 on any internet-connected device.
How it works
Soil data is transferred directly from the datalogger to the cloud. Our algorithm analyzes it and the soil insights are illustrated in real-time on the dashboard.

What our customers say

Ørskov Foods
Ole, Operational Manager at Ørskov Foods
Ørskov Foods is Denmark's largest producer of apples. They are using SoilSense to control the growth of their trees in order to increase yield and optimize water usage.
Jesper, Operational Manager at Markhaven
Markhaven is a large supplier of organic tomatoes and cucumbers. In 2020 they decided to switch their previous soil sensor system to SoilSense, because it was more reliable and easier to use.
Markhaven, greenhouse vegetables
SoilSense offers easy-to-understand insights into how your irrigation strategy affects soil's moisture levels – both here and now and over time.
Accurate and reliable data is critical to ensure plant health. SoilSense uses TDT sensors with a 98% accuracy, estimated to increase your yield by 15% compared with competing sensors.
Our system is robust and reliable. It requires no maintenance and can be used in conditions ranging from the African deserts to snowy Scandinavia.


Reliable data

Robust Hardware

The reliable choice

SoilSense offers Danish design, reliable data, and great service in a simple, user-friendly package.

How can we help you?
We are happy to advise you on how soil sensors can be used in your production to increase your yield, reduce your water usage, and help you save time.
  • Avoid plant stress
    Our accurate soil-moisture sensors make sure that you will be warned before the soil gets too dry and starts limiting growth.
  • Saving water
    Our algorithms automatically detect the soil's field capacity and warn you if you over-irrigate – our recommendations can save you up to 45% water.
  • Easy-to-understand data
    Our software delivers actionable insights rather than raw data. Your data can be accessed anytime via mobile or computer.
  • Overview of irrigation
    With an overview of monthly irrigation events, you ensure that your irrigation system operates as intended. You automatically get an irrigation archive to look back on.
  • WhatsApp, text and email notifications
    Set alarms with a single click and receive notifications on WhatsApp, text, or email when the soil's moisture level is outside the safe range.
  • Air temperature
    With measurements of air temperature you can set up frost alarms for your farm and get a better understanding of the microclimate.
  • Reliable wireles connection
    By using NB-IoT and LTE-M (with 2G as a fallback) we are achieving the industry's best wireless range even in plantations and inside greenhouses.
  • Minimal maintainence
    Our sensors can be left in the soil for at least 10 years. Our newest datalogger is solar-powered, while the older model uses AA batteries that last 2 years.
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