Precision irrigation management system
for small-scale drought affected farmers
Sensor for the soil
SoilSense is a precision irrigation management system that helps small-scale farmers to become data-driven.

Data-driven irrigation has a huge benefit to the farmer as yield increases up till 30%.

At SoilSense, we have made it our mission to include small-scale farmers in the digital agriculture world.
Increase Yield up to 30 %
Decrease Water up to 20 %
Good business for the farmer and for the environment
What makes us special
We want to empower all small-scale permanent crop farmers to become data-driven.
Damn cheap sensors
Very easy to use
Build for permanent crops
"We have experienced a 20% decrease in water for irrigation by implementing sensor-based irrigation systems"
Daniel Campos, Senior Technician
"We have experienced a 20% decrease in water for irrigation by implementing sensor-based irrigation systems"
Daniel Campos, Senior Technician
Our product
We offer features for farmers to optimise irrigation
Affordable system
Measure water tension and provides irrigation scheduling recommendations via simple UI.
We have built the system with small-scale farmers and are specialised in serving the needs for this group.
Long Range
LORA wireless technology to ensure unprecedented range even In tree-grooves.
Simple Interface
We are constantly working on making our solution as simple as possible to work with that fits your needs.
Low energy consumption
Sensors optimized to run on batteries to account for a dense tree cover which does not allow for solar-powered nodes.
Online Learning
Access to online learning forum and videos to irrigate smarter and become more data-driven.
Real-time insights
24/7 soil moisture monitoring to improve irrigation
Unique Offerings
Discounts on fertilizers and pesticedes that matches your needs
the humidity Will be
determined through
our digital platform
which is used to
optimise irrigation.
simple product - simple pricing
One system tailored to small-scale farms.
We recommend 2-5 hectares.

Consist of 3 sensors and 1 base station.

The system will last for 2 years.
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Custom project
We do tailored projects with agricultural partners that wants to improve the supply-chain. The projects can vary a lot so please contact us for more details.
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How to order
SoilSense is made for small-scale farmers of 2-5 hectares which is why we only sell 1 type of package - one that is made for you!
Order on our website
Place your order on our website and we will send you further information about payment and shipping. We will then send the sensor system to you.
Simply install yourself
Installation of the system can be done by yourself and will take less than 1 hour! We provide support all the support you need during this process.
Begin receiving information
When the system has been succesfully installed, you are able to gain valuable data insights from the soil - directly to your phone or computer.
We are working with farmers, agricultural organisationas, universities, funds and corporate partners that are interested in optimising the food-chain for small-scale farmers.

We are helping small-scale farmers grow their business, meanwhile make sure that we protect the scarce water ressources.
Zero Hunger
We help improve the food production system and make it more sustainable and resilient with the goal to increase productivity and production.
Clean Water
70% of the worlds fresh-water is used for irrigation and with a growing water scarcity, we are helping to decrease the water usages for food production.

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