Irrometer Watermark System Digitalized

We'll take your current irrometer watermark system and connect to our simple-to-use online platform where you an see you soil moisture in real-time from the comfort of your office

Watermark Sensors Smartified

Don't spend any more time manually reading your sensors. We'll connect them to the cloud, read them for you, and show you the data in a simple, actionable way
No more wasted time
We'll take care of the transition and show you the data in our simple-to-use web application. Knowing if your plants have the right amount of water is then as simple as unlocking your phone and opening our application.
No more risk
With your data easily accessible you can control hundreds of sensor spots at once. You'll never miss an opportunity to save a plant from stress or identify an irrigation system failure
No more costs
Our dataloggers will do the job of controlling soil moisture for you. No need for someone who can go out and control the moisture manually means lower effort and lower cost

How It Works

From a simple decision to a stressless, digitalized system ready for the future
Booking a free consultation
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Talking to our expert
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Digitalizing your sensors
If you decide to use our solution, we will simply schedule an installation day, when we come and connect your current sensors to our cloud using our smart dataloggers
Step into the future
Book your free, 30-minute consultation with SoilSense
We will assess your individual situation and help you decide if smartifying your current system is what you need right now

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