Orchards and soil moisture sensors

Fruit and nut trees or shrubs can benefit greatly from a well-functioning soil moisture sensor system. Acheiving optimal flowering, inducing controlled stress, and optimizing yield have never been so easy.

Should you apply soil moisture sensors at an orchard?

The benefits of applying volumetric water content soil moisture sensors at an orchard are immense. From optimizing flowering to controlled stress, a smart system will make your work easy, accurate, and safe.
  • Installation & Maintenance
    Our system can be installed without the need for drills or any special tools. The depths of the sensors are easily adapted to your crop and the sensors can be left in the orchard for years without much maintenance.
  • Coverage
    We've spent 2 years optimizing our system for excellent wireless transmission within dense tree plantations. We provide one of the best ranges in the industry and are more robust to variations in GSM coverage than our competitors.
  • Insights
    Our system is made specifically for agriculture and we have years of experience working with orchards. Our automatic data analysis makes our system the most actionable and easy to use on the market.
Is SoilSense suitable for orchards?
SoilSense is already working with fruit and nut growers and is in many ways optimized to their needs. Here are some of the orchard-specific benefits of applying SoilSense to your trees or shrubs.
  • Optimized for transmission within orchards
    Our star architecture (dataloggers + gateway) was optimized and tested within dense tree plantations and provides best-on-the-market range.
  • Avoiding frost damage
    With measurements of air and soil temperature, you can set up frost alarms for your trees or shrubs to avoid damage.
  • Saving water and nutrients
    With volumetric water content measurements you easily avoid overirrigation and washing out nutrients from the soil.
  • Ensuring optimal flowering
    Controlled stress and optimizing flowering becomes as easy as it gets. No more uncertainty and yield loss.
  • Automatic calibration for all orchard crops
    Our algorithms automatically detect field capacity and require little or no input from you providing you with crop-specific insights in real-time.
  • Minimal maintanance after installation
    Our sensors can be left in the soil for 10 years, and the replaceable AA batteries in the datalogger lasts for 2 years.
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