Smart Farming

21st century calls for a more efficient approach to farming. With a soil moisture sensor system anyone can make a leap into stressless, high-yield farming. Easy and affordable.
Precision irrigation made simple
With the new technology it's easier and cheaper than ever to adjust your irrigation scheduling based on data. If you already own a modern irrigation system, you will love real-time volumetric water content data coming from our soil moisture sensor system made for agriculture
Using soil moisture sensors for smart farming
You don't need any data or technology experience to start applying our system to optimizing irrigation in agriculture
Too much or too little water?
Our dashboard will show you if you applied too little or too much water and you'll be able to know that for each of your irrigation sections to adjust your irrigation schedule accordingly.
Are the plants growing well?
With the volumetric water content data measured on different depths you'll be able to see if the new plants progress through their growth stages thanks to monitoring the root activity.
Doing things more efficiently?
Our soil moisture sensors system requires very little maintanance and let's you see the state of your soil without having to leave home or office. You save time and sleep better at night knowing that your crops are doing well.
How It Works
From a decision to a stressless, efficient irrigation in just a few steps
Planning and sensor placement decisions
We help you decide how many sensors to start with and where to place them. Usually, we start with a few locations and install the sensors at 2 depths, and then grow the system as your needs expand. The decisions will depend on the topography of your farm, crop stage, irrigation zones, etc.
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We will accompany you during the installation or send one of our distributors to make ensure the highest accuracy of data. Since our system is wireless, most installations don't require much work and take about 1 working day per system.
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Benefits of the real-time dashboard
Once the sensors are in the soil, you can navigate to our dashboard and enjoy a constant stream of data available to you on your phone or computer. You'll see if your soil is too dry or too wet from the comfort of your office and will be able to save time while improving your irrigation scheduling.
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Saving water is now easier than ever
Saving water is one of the simplest optimizations you can apply to your farm. But traditionally it was almost impossible to do without spending a lot of time examining the soil. Luckily, today, with wireless soil moisture sensor systems based on volumetric water content that deliver the data in real-time to your computer and phone, you can observe soil moisture changes without leaving home.

Overirrigation in data
Spikes in volumetric water content exceed 100% of soil's holding capacity indicating overirrigation. A high spike on the bottom sensor (40cm) means that the water is leaking through the soil to the levels below the root zone

Plant stress

Crops can always get an optimal amount of water

Plant stress in data
With automatic Plant Available Water charts easily show when the soil gets too dry. In this case the top soil approaches a 50% threshold set by the farmer indicating a need for irrigation
Avoiding plant stress doesn't have to keep you awake at night anymore. Automatic calibration can make your data easily readable to anyone - no need for special education. Moisture safe range indicates which values are safe for your plants. When the moisture levels drop below the green range - you irrigate. It's that simple.
Start optimizing your irrigation
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