Soil Moisture Sensors

Monitor your soil moisture in real-time, accurately, from your phone or a computer using a wireless soil moisture sensor system.

Using soil moisture sensors to fine-tune irrigation scheduling

Using real-time volumetric water content measurements will show you when and how much water to apply. You'll see when your plants may start to experience stress and when you're using too much water.
Plant stress
From the volumetric water content measurements, you'll see when the soil moisture drops dangerously low and thus you'll be able to prevent lower yield due to inaccurate irrgation.
Some farms in drier regions waste up to twice the amount of water that's actually required by the soil and plants. From the soil moisture data you can easily see when moisture exceeds the soil's holding capacity and you can adjust your irrigation accordingly.
Root activity
The volumetric water content chart often shows the water intake as the plant withdraws moisture from the soil. Therefore soil moisture data can help you understand at what depths your plants have the most roots and where they are the most active.
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